“Miles above the Clouds: A Bunny with Class takes a Luxurious Flight from San Francisco to Japan, Sipping Champagne and Relaxing in Style”

In 2018, an elegant eight-year-old bunny named Coco made headlines for living the luxurious life while flying business class on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Japan. Coco, who sported a bow tie, was spotted enjoying a flaky croissant and relaxing on a fluffy pillow near a glass of champagne during the flight. The viral photos of Coco’s posh journey have brought her newfound fame, but her owner Takako Ogawa had actually taken her on the flight back to Japan in late 2018 after completing a three-year stint at Google in San Francisco. Ogawa explained to Insider that she couldn’t bear to leave Coco behind as she embarked on a new career in Kyoto, so she decided to bring her beloved rabbit along for the adventure.

Coco, an eight-year-old rabbit, flew business class on an United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Japan in late 2018

In late 2018, Coco, a rabbit who was eight years old at the time, traveled in style on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Japan in the business class cabin.

Adorable photos of Coco sniffing a croissant near a bubbling glass of champagne and hopping around in a bow tie have gone viral

Viral images of Coco enjoying a croissant near a glass of champagne and wearing a cute bow tie have captured the hearts of many. Ogawa was concerned about Coco’s safety in the cargo hold due to her age, so she registered Coco as an emotional support animal for an extra $100 to have her in the cabin in a carry case. Fortunately, the seat next to Ogawa was empty, allowing Coco to enjoy the lap of luxury during the flight. Videos from the 11-hour journey show Coco cuddling with Ogawa, investigating a bowl of nuts, and charming the flight crew. Ogawa was grateful for the kindness of the flight attendants who provided treats for Coco and allowed her to use the empty space next to her. She described the experience as “super nice” and appreciated the special treatment for her furry companion.

Coco charmed the United Airlines flight crew with her adorable look, which scored her a bowl of nuts and tons of attention

Coco captivated the United Airlines flight staff with her cute appearance, leading to her receiving a bowl of nuts and lots of affection.

Ogawa: Takako Ogaw

Ogawa expressed her gratitude towards the thoughtful flight attendants who allowed her rabbit, Coco, to use the unused space next to her during the flight. She also appreciated how they brought treats for Coco throughout the trip. During the flight, a flight attendant brought Ogawa an ice cream sundae and asked if Coco would like something sweet as well. Even though Ogawa was unsure what treats a rabbit could have, Coco ended up enjoying some toppings like almonds and nuts on a small plate specially prepared for her. Ogawa found it adorable and noted that Coco seemed very happy with the treats. Despite the long journey to Kyoto, Coco seemed to have a great time exploring her little area on the plane.

Takako Ogawa (pictured) was taking Coco back to Japan after spending three years at Google in San Francisco

Takako Ogawa, shown in the photo, was heading back to Japan with her pet Coco after spending three years working at Google in San Francisco. Coco, usually calm and well-behaved, handled the journey back home surprisingly well, according to Ogawa. Being in the business class cabin meant that Coco didn’t attract much attention from other passengers. Ogawa believed that flying in the business class was a much better option for Coco as compared to being transported in the cargo hold. She shared that the cargo can be a stressful environment for pets due to the presence of anxious animals, constant barking, and high levels of pressure. Ogawa recalled how a friend’s cat, which traveled in cargo, was so nervous during the flight that it refused to eat for a week after landing. Despite having their own private space in business class, Ogawa was worried about the toilet arrangements for Coco during the long journey.

To be allowed in the cabin, Coco was registered as an emotional support animal and Ogawa paid an additional $100

In order for Coco to be allowed inside the cabin, she was officially registered as an emotional support animal, with Ogawa paying an extra $100 for the privilege. Ogawa made sure to bring along plenty of pet sheets for Coco to rest on during the flight, as well as some extra pellets for her to snack on. “I figured I could get her anything else she needed once we landed,” Ogawa explained. Despite being an unconventional passenger, Coco is quite experienced when it comes to traveling by plane and being the center of attention. Back in 2015, Coco accompanied Ogawa on a trip to San Francisco, visited the Google office, and even made guest appearances at family gatherings. However, Ogawa suspects that this may be Coco’s final flight as she is getting up there in age. “I think she’s too old now that she’s almost nine years old!” remarked Ogawa with a hint of nostalgia.

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