Legs for Days: Anne Hathaway and Gabrielle Union Shine in 1960s Mini at SXSW Premiere of Romantic Comedy “The Spark of Us”

Anne Hathaway and Gabrielle Union stole the show at the SXSW premiere of their upcoming romantic comedy, The Idea Of You. Gabrielle, who also serves as a producer on the film, stars Anne as a single mother in her middle age who embarks on a passionate affair with a much younger heartthrob from a boy band.

Anne looked like a vision straight out of the 1960s in a trendy retro-inspired minidress that shimmered under the glare of the lights. The dress featured intricate mirror-work patterns along the hem and the top, accentuating her toned midriff. She wore her long, walnut brown locks cascading down her shoulders, with a slight hint of bangs framing her face.

At the SXSW premiere of their new romantic comedy film, The Idea Of You, Anne Hathaway and Gabrielle Union stood out among the other stars in attendance.

Anne beautifully captured the essence of the 1960s with her choice of attire for her most recent public outing. She dazzled in a stylish retro minidress that shimmered elegantly under the bright lights, exuding a touch of nostalgia and glamour.

The silver dress Anne wore had intricate mirror-work patterns that added a unique touch to her outfit, accentuating her toned midriff and youthful features. To complete her look, she paired it with pale gold heels and grey nail polish for a stylish finish.

Gabrielle Union opted for a black sleeveless blazer-top that showcased her cleavage and toned midriff, paired with shorts to highlight her long legs atop black stilettos, adding a touch of casual elegance to her ensemble.

Nicholas Galitzine exuded movie star charm in a stylishly oversized tan suit, worn over a black shirt with a few buttons undone for a hint of allure. His friendly demeanor and winning smile added to his red carpet appeal as he posed for photographers.

Ella Rubin, who plays Anne’s character’s daughter in the film, stood out in a nude corset that flattered her curves, making a statement with her bold choice of outfit at the premiere.

Gabrielle Union accentuated her slender physique with a stylish black sleeveless blazer top that highlighted her cleavage and subtly revealed her toned midsection.

She effortlessly elevated her style by choosing a pair of shorts that showcased her long, stunning legs, paired with sleek black stilettos for added flair.

Nicholas Galitzine, embodying the role of the boy band frontman, exuded charm and charisma fit for the silver screen as he graced the red carpet for the debut of his latest movie.

He opted for a stylish spring look with a wonderfully large tan suit, paired with a black shirt that had a few buttons casually left open, revealing a glimpse of his chest.

22-year-old Ella Rubin, who portrays Anne’s character’s daughter, caused quite a stir in a revealing corset that showcased her beautiful figure.

Different actors from the film also made their way down the red carpet, with Meg Millidge standing out in a stylish denim dress paired with leather boots.

Reid Scott stood out in a flashy gold top peeking out from under his brown suit, making a bold statement. Meanwhile, Brent Bailey exuded elegance in a sleek all-black ensemble.

Jon Levine was dressed to impress, sporting a navy suit paired with a white waistcoat that perfectly contrasted with his choice of a black v-neck instead of a traditional dress shirt.

Cathy Schulman strutted her stuff in a cocktail dress featuring flirty lace detailing around the neckline, while Jordana Mollick gave us a sneak peek of spring in a flowy floral dress with pleats.

At the same time, Michael Showalter, who directed the film, paired a shirt and tie with a laid-back jacket and sneakers for a stylish yet relaxed ensemble.

As the event kicked off, Anne, dressed in a more relaxed top and jeans ensemble, took the stage with her fellow actors Nicholas and Ella to greet the audience. Her top was paired with a stunning floor-length nude dress adorned with shimmering silver fringe inspired by the 1920s era. Other stars from the movie made their way down the red carpet, with Meg Millidge rocking a denim dress and leather boots, while Reid Scott stood out in a bold gold top under his brown suit. Brent Bailey looked sharp in an all-black outfit, and Jon Levine opted for a navy suit and white waistcoat, paired with a black v-neck. Cathy Schulman sported a flirty cocktail dress with lace detailing, while Jordana Mollick brought a touch of spring with a pleated floral dress. Director Michael Showalter kept it casual yet stylish with a shirt and tie under a jacket, finished off with sneakers.

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