“Whiskers & Wiggles: Hong Kong’s New Bunny Haven for Pet-Lovers without the Space – Hop on Over for Cuddles and Carrots!”

The latest hotspot in Hong Kong’s cafe culture is bringing a unique twist to the table by offering a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where customers can interact with some fluffy companions. Known as ‘Rabbitland’, this cafe is home to 12 adorable bunnies that happily hop around the space, munching on grass while patrons enjoy their tea. Nestled on the third floor of a bustling high-rise in Causeway Bay, this innovative cafe provides a sanctuary for city dwellers who may not have the space to keep a pet of their own, allowing them to form connections with these lovable animals.

Fancy a nibble? Customers greed the resident rabbits at Hong Kong's 'Rabbitland'

Feeling peckish? Visitors warmly welcome the bunnies living at Hong Kong’s popular spot known as ‘Rabbitland’.

The cafe offers 12 resident bunnies who munch on grass while customers pet them between sips of tea

The cafe boasts a dozen resident bunnies that munch on grass while patrons shower them with affection in between sips of tea. In Hong Kong, rabbits rank as one of the most overlooked animals, with many being abandoned annually. These bunnies, who have been left behind by their previous owners, are not up for sale at the cafe. The establishment aims to educate families who have the space, a luxury in one of the world’s most crowded cities, on the responsibilities of caring for a rabbit. While Hong Kong already has ‘cat cafes’, this unique spot is the first of its kind for rabbits, inspired by a similar concept in Japan. Eleven-year-old Natalie Chan gushes about the bunnies, praising their soft fur and gentle demeanour as she dreams of having one as a pet. Visitors must adhere to a set of guidelines, such as refraining from picking up the bunnies or pulling their ears, to ensure the animals’ well-being.

The owner says it gives people who have no room to keep a pet in space-starved Hong Kong

According to the owner, it provides individuals in cramped Hong Kong with the opportunity to have a pet even if they lack the extra space.

The city already has a number of 'cat cafes', but this is the first one for rabbits

The town currently boasts several ‘cat cafes’, but this new establishment is breaking the norm by being the first of its kind dedicated to rabbits.

He says a visit helps children understand what looking after one would involve

He mentions that visiting a place can give kids a better idea of what it takes to care for one.

Most of the rabbits have been abandoned by previous owners

Many of the rabbits at the shelter were left behind by their previous owners. Co-founder Teddy Chui, aged 29, mentions that anyone who doesn’t follow the rules is kindly asked to leave. He believes that visiting the shelter helps children comprehend the commitment required to care for a rabbit. Chui added, “Many parents bring their kids here when thinking of getting a rabbit, to show them that it’s not just about playing with them – it entails a lot of hard work and responsibility.”

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