Up-and-Coming World Record-Breaking Bunny Tragically Met Its Maker in United Airlines Mix-Up, Now Set to Surpass Its Giant Sibling in Size and Weight

A 10-month-old rabbit named Dexter from Basildon, Essex, is aiming to become the largest bunny in the world, despite already being three feet long and weighing more than three times the size of an average newborn baby. Dexter has at least two more years to reach his full potential and surpass his father, Darius, who holds the title of the world’s largest bunny at 4 feet 4 inches. Dexter’s owner, Brad Paynter, is confident that his giant pet has what it takes to outgrow his father and claim the top spot.

Bunny love: Dexter the giant rabbit - the 'little' brother of Simon the enormous bunny who froze to death on a flight last month - is expected to become the largest in the world. Still only 10 months old, Dexter already weighs more than three babies and has two more years of growth

Dexter, the adorable giant rabbit, is set to break records as he grows to become the biggest bunny in the world. At just 10 months old, Dexter is already heavier than three newborn babies and has plenty more growing to do. Fun fact: he is actually the younger sibling of Simon, the enormous bunny who tragically passed away on a flight recently. Looks like big bunnies run in the family!

Dexter originates from a family of Giant Continental rabbits who made the news recently when his brother Simon mysteriously died on a United Airlines flight

Dexter comes from a lineage of Giant Continental rabbits that gained attention after his brother Simon passed away under mysterious circumstances during a United Airlines flight. Brad, who is 28 years old, mentioned that Dexter is currently three feet long, but he is expected to grow even bigger as he is only 10 months old. When they first got Dexter, he was just nine or ten weeks old and the size of a small puppy, much smaller than his current size. Brad mentioned that they had multiple rabbit options, but Dexter truly stood out and has grown significantly in the past few months. Dexter is three times the size of a normal rabbit his age and is at least 50% larger than a typical Continental Giant. With Simon out of the running for Darius’ World’s Biggest Bunny title, it is now up to Dexter, who already weighs 20 pounds, to challenge his father’s legacy.

Brad Paynter, Dexter's owner, expects his giant pet to outgrow the world's biggest bunny, Darius - the 4ft 4 rabbit who just happens to be Dexter's father

Brad Paynter, the proud owner of Dexter, is confident that his enormous pet will surpass the size of Darius, the world’s largest bunny standing at 4ft 4 inches, who also happens to be Dexter’s dad.

Brad splashes £100 a month on Dexter's food alone and estimates his beloved bunny munches through more than 2,000 carrots in a year

Brad splashes £100 a month on Dexter's food alone and estimates his beloved bunny munches through more than 2,000 carrots in a year

Brad spends around £100 per month just on Dexter’s food, and he believes his beloved bunny goes through over 2,000 carrots in a year. Dexter is the son of Darius, the world’s longest rabbit, and has a brother named Simon who recently made headlines for passing away on a flight. Simon was also around three feet long at the same age, and Dexter comes from the same lineage. Despite his size, Dexter is a gentle giant who enjoys playing with dogs, running around with children, and approaching people. However, he is not afraid to show his displeasure with a nip if he’s unhappy. Brad also mentions that Dexter has impressively large paws.

Brad's household is ruled by Dexter and his two French Bulldogs - and fortunately, all three pets have become best friends

In Brad’s home, Dexter and his pair of French Bulldogs are in charge, but they have formed a strong bond and are now the best of pals.

Brad first decided to get Dexter when his wife, Sarah Paynter, said she wanted a bunny to accompany their two dogs

When Brad’s wife, Sarah Paynter, expressed her desire for a bunny to keep their two French Bulldogs company, Brad decided to get Dexter. Now, Dexter and the two dogs rule the household together and have become the best of friends. Brad doesn’t mind spending £100 a month just on Dexter’s food and estimates that his bunny munches through over 2,000 carrots in a year. According to Brad, the main challenge with Dexter is his demanding nature. Dexter insists on having fresh food and bedding every day. He consumes five carrots, two apples, half a pack of spring greens, cabbage, celery, cucumber, broccoli, a lot of hay, and even a block of wood if he can get his paws on it.

When Brad’s wife, Sarah Paynter, mentioned wanting a bunny to keep their two dogs company, Brad made the decision to bring Dexter into their home. Dexter now enjoys lounging in his own cozy dog kennel in the backyard and has a specially decorated room on the ground floor of the house. Brad happily remarked, “Sarah adores Dexter, she treats him like her own little baby. He’s practically perfect in her eyes.”

Dexter relaxes in his very own dog kennel in the back garden along with his personalised bedroom on the bottom floor of the house

Dexter enjoys lounging in his own cozy dog kennel in the backyard, complete with his own customized bedroom on the lower level of the house. “Dexter gets along great with our dogs, he loves playing with them and they have been very welcoming to him,” Brad shared. During the day, Dexter has a spacious six-foot long kennel where he can roam around the garden, but at night he has his own sleeping area indoors. Brad never anticipated the attention he would receive while out and about with his massive pet rabbit. “If we had kids, I’m sure they would be surprised that Dexter is the boss,” Brad chuckled. “Whenever we have guests over, they are astounded by Dexter’s size. And when we take him for a walk, heads definitely turn,” Brad added. “I thought having a puppy would attract attention, but having a giant rabbit is even more surprising!”

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