Unveiling the Fascinating Cardboard Citroen Oli Prototype

The Citroen Oli prototype is an innovative electric vehicle (EV) that incorporates creative materials in its design.

Introducing the Citroen Oli concept – a glimpse into the future of sustainable and affordable electric vehicles from the French brand. Recently, Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi visited Paris to explore this innovative creation. Pronounced as ‘all-e’, this electric car was unveiled in Paris last year, showcasing Citroen’s futuristic design approach for its upcoming EVs. The vehicle features revolutionary materials that reduce weight, resulting in improved range – a crucial aspect for electric cars.

You won’t have trouble recognizing the Citroen Oli while driving on the road. Its unique design with an upright windshield and angular shape make it distinct from other vehicles. Despite its flat windshield, it still has excellent aerodynamics due to its vents in the bonnet that help maintain airflow. The car also boasts stylish C-shaped LED lights and a sturdy front fender with eye-catching orange tow hooks.

The Oli concept car, as seen on Supercar Blondie, boasts a unique design reminiscent of both the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Hummer. From its profile, you can immediately notice its flat hood and roof, which are incorporated to keep production costs down. Its rugged image is further emphasized by the jacked-up ride height and chunky cladding. What’s interesting about this vehicle is its construction – the hood and roof utilize a newly developed, reinforced honeycomb cardboard material coated in resin, making it waterproof. This innovative material is not only lighter than steel but also strong enough to support a person’s weight.

The Citroen Oli is a unique car that offers more than meets the eye. Aside from its sleek design, it also has rear-hinged back doors on the side that are easily overlooked. The back of the car has angular lights and an open bed that can transform it into a pickup truck. Once you step inside, you’ll notice that the car prioritizes weight-saving by not having an infotainment system. Instead, there is a phone mount that resembles Shrek’s ears and two docks for removable Bluetooth speakers.

The Citroen Oli has some unique features that Supercar Blondie highlighted in her video. One of the standout features is the seats, which are made from a special mesh material that resembles 3D printing. Despite their appearance, the seats are comfortable and innovative, using 80% fewer parts than traditional seats. The car also lacks a carpeted floor, with a foam layer featuring plug holes similar to a bathtub for easy cleaning. Under the hood, the Citroen Oli boasts a 40kWh battery, which may seem small for an electric car, but it can travel up to 248 miles on a full charge. Weighing less than 1,000kg, the Oli can reach speeds of up to 68mph (109km/h). Though not known for its speed, Supercar Blondie had a great time driving the Citroen Oli around Paris.

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