“The Hoppin’ Spa: London’s Newest Bunny Retreat with Complimentary Treatments and Cuddly Rescue Rabbits”

Fans of bunnies are in for a treat as a unique spa experience is headed to London. A beauty company has unveiled plans to introduce the world’s inaugural Bunny Spa in the heart of Covent Garden. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary beauty treatments while being surrounded by playful and cuddly rabbits. The temporary spa, created by 7th Heaven, intends to spoil both guests and their furry friends alike.

A beauty brand has announced it will open the world's first Bunny Spa near Covent Garden, offering guests free beauty treatments while adorable rabbits hop freely around the space

An exciting new beauty concept has been unveiled – a Bunny Spa will soon be opening near Covent Garden! This unique spa experience will allow guests to enjoy complimentary beauty treatments, all while surrounded by cute and playful rabbits hopping around the space.

The pop-up is being launched by 7th Heaven, who are aiming for the long-eared residents to feel just as pampered as guests

The temporary beauty event hosted by 7th Heaven is designed to cater not only to human visitors, but also to the fluffy residents with long ears. From March 12 to 14, lucky attendees will have the chance to receive complimentary facials and massages from professional beauty therapists on a first-come, first-served basis. While guests indulge in relaxation, the bunnies will be freely hopping about the Shelton Street shop, creating a festive Easter atmosphere. In addition to the pampering treatments, staff will be offering free snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy, along with the opportunity to sample products from the brand. 7th Heaven, an advocate for animal welfare as a Cruelty Free International and Vegetarian Standard approved brand, has carefully selected rescued bunnies from charities to participate in the event. To ensure the well-being of the bunnies, a veterinarian will be present at all times and designated ‘chill out areas’ will be available for the bunnies to retreat to for relaxation.

7th Heaven has selected hoppers from Greenwich Rabbit Rescue to be given the pampering treatment

7th Heaven has partnered with Greenwich Rabbit Rescue to pamper their selected bunnies with love and care. The brand has consulted with animal welfare organizations to ensure the rabbits are well taken care of. Visitors who bond with these fluffy guests can also learn how they contribute to helping the 33,000 bunnies in the UK in need of new homes. Fortunately, those who can’t make it to see the lovable herd in person won’t be left out completely.

The spa is open from 10am - 6pm during the three days and guests are advised to drop in and book their appointments early in the day to guarantee a spot

Visitors can witness furry bunnies bouncing around the spa through live streams on the Periscope video streaming app, catering to rabbit enthusiasts worldwide. The spa’s operating hours are from 10am to 6pm over the course of three days, suggesting guests to swing by and secure their appointments early in the day to secure a slot. This beauty brand isn’t the sole player in integrating animals into their offerings, with establishments such as cat, dog, and even owl cafes gaining popularity across the globe in recent years.

Rabbit lovers around the world can watch live streams of the fur balls hopping around the spa on video streaming app Periscope

People who adore rabbits from all corners of the globe now have the opportunity to tune in to live broadcasts featuring these cute fur balls bouncing around a relaxing spa setting on the popular video streaming platform Periscope.

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