The Genesis of Mother Monster: Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to Botocelli with a Daring Arrival in Athens

Written by Cassie Carpenter and Louise Saunders for MailOnline, this article discusses Lady Gaga’s latest bold fashion choice. Known for her love of eccentric outfits, Lady Gaga arrived in Athens, Greece, looking like a modern-day version of the famous painting, The Birth of Venus, by Botocelli. Instead of a seashell, Gaga opted for a skimpy shell bra and a racy thong, being carried by two Lycra-clad men as she made her way through the crowds.

True ARTpop: Lady Gaga appeared to have channelled famed Botocelli painting, The Birth of Venus, as she made a typically low-key arrival in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday night

Lady Gaga brought some true ARTpop vibes as she arrived in Athens, Greece on Wednesday night, seemingly inspired by the iconic painting The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Her entrance was anything but low-key, exuding the same artistic flair as the masterpiece itself.

Looking booty-ful! Carried by two Lycra-clad hunks as she made her way through the crowds, the 28-year-old pop princess was clad merely in a skimpy shell bra and a racy thong while stepping off her private plane

Dressed in a revealing shell bra, a racy thong, and a pink fishnet skirt by Turkish designer Zeynep Tosun, the 28-year-old pop star made quite an entrance in Athens. Accompanied by two muscular dancers, she exuded confidence and glamour as she posed for the crowd. With a curly platinum blonde wig and glittery 9-inch platforms, she completed her mermaid-inspired look. Showing her appreciation, she took to Twitter to thank her Greek fans for the warm welcome.

Iconic: The Birth of Venus was painted by Sandro Botticelli after he was commissioned by the Medici family of Florence

The famous painting, The Birth of Venus, was created by Sandro Botticelli when he received a commission from the powerful Medici family in Florence.

Dramatic arrival: Hours earlier, Gaga - born Stefani Germanotta - landed her private plane at Athens Airport where she and her dancers emerged in costume

Exciting entrance: Just a few hours before the show, Gaga – also known as Stefani Germanotta – touched down at Athens Airport in her private jet, accompanied by her dancers who were dressed in their flamboyant costumes.

Shameless: Gaga confidently strutted outside her Athens hotel in her barely-there attire

Shameless: Gaga confidently strutted outside her Athens hotel in her barely-there attire

Fearless: Gaga confidently walked outside her Athens hotel in her daring outfit.

Leaving little to the imagination: The singer flashed her shapely derriere as he made her way to her waiting car

With no secrets left to hide, the artist proudly displayed her well-proportioned behind on her stroll to the car waiting for her.

Curvaceous: The five-time Grammy winner struck a Venus pose as covered her ample charms in silver seashells and wore a pink fishnet skirt created by Turkish designer Zeynep Tosun

Voluptuous: The talented singer, who has won five Grammy awards, confidently posed like Venus, showcasing her curves while dressed in a stunning ensemble of shimmering silver seashells and a delicate pink fishnet skirt designed by the talented Turkish fashion designer, Zeynep Tosun.

She's loving it: Gaga sat on two men's shoulders as they got ready to hoist her up

She really enjoyed it: Gaga was perched on the shoulders of two men, preparing to be lifted up.

All hail the queen! The singer put on quite the show, throwing her arms in the air as she was carried up the stairs

Long live the queen! The performer delivered a spectacular performance, energetically raising her arms in the air while being lifted up the stairs.

She's not shy: Gaga gave the man carrying her an alluring look as they made their way through the crowd

Unreserved and confident, Gaga exchanged a captivating gaze with the man who escorted her through the crowd. She expressed her sentiments, saying, “We are here to spread love, music, and honor your rich history where the roots of classical art lie. We are connected. #ARTPOP #artraveAthens.” Upon her arrival in Athens, Gaga wasted no time sharing three daring Instagram posts from the luxurious bathroom of her royal suite. In the pictures, the 28-year-old pop sensation sported nothing but a sparkling pink thong as she lounged on a blue marble shower bench. “Aphrodite Lady Shower Greekini, feeling flirty!” tweeted Mother Monster to her 42.2 million followers.

'Aphrodite Lady Shower Greekini, feeling frisky!' Lady Gaga shared three nearly nude Instagrams from the fancy bathroom of her royal suite in Athens, Greece on Wednesday

Lady Gaga is feeling playful in her luxurious bathroom in Athens, Greece. She posted three Instagram photos showcasing her Aphrodite Lady Shower Greekini look that left little to the imagination.

'The Royal Suite fit for a Goddess!' The 28-year-old pop diva wore nothing aside from a sparkly pink thong while reclining on a blue marble shower bench

‘The Luxurious Royal Suite: Perfect for a Queen!’ The young pop sensation, age 28, was seen lounging on a sleek blue marble shower bench, adorned only in a dazzling pink thong.

Mother Monster wrote: 'Bathtime.

Mother Monster shared a post about enjoying a luxurious bath in what she calls “The Royal Suite,” which she humorously describes as suitable for a Goddess or a bold New Yorker with big aspirations. Lady Gaga is set to perform at the Olympic Stadium in the city this Friday for her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour. Additionally, Interscope Records is gearing up to release her jazz album with Tony Bennett titled Cheek to Cheek on September 23.

Did you get a good shot? The star made sure photographers got a good view of her thong-clad derriere

Did you capture a great photo? The celebrity made sure to give photographers a clear shot of her thong-covered backside.

There she goes! Gaga kept her arms high as she made her way into the building

Off she went! Gaga raised her arms up high as she entered the building.

'Ready to rave?' Lady Gaga will bring her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball to the city's Olympic Stadium this Friday

Excited for a wild night of music and fun? Lady Gaga is set to bring her electrifying ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour to the Olympic Stadium in our city this upcoming Friday.

Right-hand man: Not seen with Lady Gaga were her two loves - French Bulldog Asia and her boyfriend of three years, Taylor Kinney, who returns on NBC's Chicago Fire this Tuesday (pictured September 5)

Lady Gaga’s right-hand man, Taylor Kinney, and her beloved French Bulldog Asia were noticeably absent as the singer posed for photos. Kinney, Gaga’s boyfriend of three years, is set to return to NBC’s Chicago Fire this week. Gaga credited 88-year-old music legend Tony Bennett with saving her life during the making of her song Applause. In an interview with Parade, she revealed that Tony’s words of encouragement reignited her passion for singing when she had lost all hope. Gaga admitted that she was in a dark place six months prior, feeling numb and lifeless, but spending time with Tony helped her find joy in music again. She thanked him for his friendship and unwavering support, acknowledging him as her savior.

'I tell Tony every day that he saved my life': Interscope Records will finally drop her album of jazz standards with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, on September 23

Every day, I express to Tony how he played a crucial role in saving my life. Interscope Records is set to release our album of jazz classics, Cheek to Cheek, featuring Tony Bennett, on September 23.

Gaga revealed: 'I tell Tony every day that he saved my life. I was so sad. I couldn't sleep. I felt dead. And then I spent a lot of time with Tony. He wanted nothing but my friendship and my voice'

Gaga shared that she tells Tony Bennett on a daily basis how he has been her savior. She was in a dark place, feeling overwhelmed with sadness and unable to find peace. However, spending quality time with Tony changed everything for her. He simply wanted her friendship and to hear her voice, and that made all the difference in the world.

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