“Silent Sorrow: A Dog’s Heartbreaking Struggle to Lift Her Head Despite Her Pain”

On the morning of January 15th, the team at ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received an alarming report about a dog. The story left them feeling completely stunned. Apparently, a woman had discovered this unfortunate animal on her commute to work. It was abundantly clear that the dog had been abandoned for quite some time. He was unable to stand up, eat any of the food that was given to him, and appeared to be disoriented. However, when the dog finally saw his rescuers, he summoned all of his energy and wagged his tail in gratitude.

The compassionate woman was unable to bring the feeble dog with her to work, but she did capture some photos and recorded a brief video to send to the nonprofit organization Paraíso dos Focinhos. Additionally, she wrapped the dog in a blanket before departing, and the dog seemed to beg her not to leave him behind as he wagged his tail. The rescue team arrived promptly, as the dog was in great distress and extremely parched.

A blood test was conducted to determine whether or not he has syncope. Due to inadequate food intake, he requires a blood transfusion.

In just a few days, the courageous young lad managed to add 4 pounds to his weight. However, despite this improvement, he was still unable to walk and maintain balance properly. The adorable little girl was given the name Dega, and around the seventh day, she began to display signs of increased appetite.

After a period of 3 weeks, Dega’s leg had become significantly more robust but remained slim and unable to run properly.

It has been three months since she was discovered and she has undergone a remarkable transformation. The time has come to reunite her with her rescuer. Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your loved ones!

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