“Revolutionizing Automotive Design: Exploring the Coolness of Mercedes AVTR Concept Car”

The AVTR is capable of sideways movement, similar to a crab’s walk. It also has flexible scales that resemble those of a daon and doesn’t rely on a traditional steering wheel.

The Mercedes AVTR is pictured.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR has blown our minds with its unique design and functionality. Unlike in movies, where a regular car frame is used to support a crazy car body, this is a one-of-a-kind concept car. Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano had the privilege of driving this beauty in Dubai’s desert. The car features innovative “wheels,” which are essentially spheres that allow it to move in ways no other car can. Each wheel can turn up to 30 degrees and move independently of the others, making reverse parking a thing of the past. These glowing spheres change color depending on what’s happening – they flow inwards like energy when charging the car and flash like indicators during turns. Additionally, the AVTR prototype boasts “Bionic Flaps” on the rear end, which add to its overall futuristic appearance.

Mercedes AVTR: The coolest concept car ever made - Supercar Blondie

Mercedes AVTR: The coolest concept car ever made - Supercar Blondie

As you take a glance at the Mercedes concept, you’ll notice the eye-catching shiny scales situated at the back. These are called Bionic Flaps and there are 33 of them skillfully installed. These flaps work in conjunction with the car’s movement – when it turns to the left, these flaps angle towards the same direction. To learn more about innovative vehicles, check out our article on Futuristic motorcycles that you can actually ride.

The wheels are actually spheres and can change colors.

The Mercedes AVTR boasts all-glass doors that turn red when you brake and blue as you speed off, thanks to its dragon-like scales. The car looks like a living creature, but what about the interior? Getting inside is a unique experience, with no door handle to be found. Instead, a finger scanner is hidden under the wheel arch, and the curved doors swing upwards like insect wings. Once inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a spaceship with curved lines and stark white colors. The seats are made of vegan leather, and the panelling is from an invasive species of plant. There’s no steering wheel either – it’s replaced by a joystick in the center console that controls everything. Turning on the car lights up the dashboard with a breathtaking scene from the mountains of Avatar, and the car speakers match the driver’s heartbeat with soft thumping in the background. All in all, we think the Mercedes AVTR is the coolest concept car ever!

The wheels and interior of the AVTR lit up at night.

Do you know what AVTR stands for? It’s a name given by Mercedes for their latest car model, and there are two reasons for it. Firstly, the design of the car is inspired by the popular James Cameron movie Avatar (AVTR). Secondly, the car has been designed to resemble the seeds from the Tree of Souls in the movie. So, if you’re a fan of Avatar, you’ll definitely love the look of this car!

The glass doors of the Mercedes AVTR open like an insect's wings.

The movie Avatar has a lot of similarities when it comes to shapes and colors used. Another reason why the name was chosen is because it represents Advanced Vehicle Transformation or AVTR.

The Mercedes AVTR has a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

Hey, did you know that the release of Avatar: The Way of Water is scheduled for December 2022? With the second Avatar movie set to hit theaters soon, we can’t help but wonder if Mercedes will deliver something equally amazing. The car manufacturer has even released a teaser video for the film, stating their excitement to collaborate with the highly anticipated sequel. Although they haven’t revealed anything specific, it’s definitely a hint that something spectacular is in the works.

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