“Rabbit Dressage: Hopping into the Spotlight”

Buggin' out: Snoopy the show jumping rabbit can jump around 60cm high

Bunny on the move: Snoopy, the adventurous rabbit, can leap up to 60cm in the air during his show jumping stunts.

On the hop: Snoopy is the star of the Jena Kaninhop club

Jumping into action: Snoopy steals the show at the Jena Rabbit Jumping club.

Oops! Bunnies are scored by the number of jump they can successfully clear, and there is often a time element to competition

Uh-oh! Bunnies earn points based on how many jumps they can make without knocking any bars down, and competitions usually have a time limit as well.

Mad as a March hare: James the rabbit jumps while he is held on a leash. Trainers say restraints are vital to prevent uncontrolled breeding

Crazy like a March hare: James the rabbit hops around with enthusiasm while being kept on a leash. According to trainers, using restraints is necessary to avoid uncontrollable reproduction.

Spring in his step: James easily clears another jump while training with his Jena- based Kaninhop club

James displays a noticeable bounce in his step as he effortlessly jumps over another obstacle during his training session with the Kaninhop club in Jena.

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