The electric supercar market is hotting up, but which of these EV Exotics would tempt you out of a traditional ICE hypercar? Officially, the Porsche Mission X electric hypercar revealed earlier this week is just a concept. But then that’s what Porsche saidaout the Carrera GT concept when it unveiled that in Paris in 2000. […]

The model, which is located in Malaysia, is based on the original R8 and features a lot of modifications The Audi R8 has some Lamborghini bits under the skin, but always looked less extravagant than the supercars from Sant’Agata. An owner from Malaysia decided to change that, fitting his first-gen R8 with a custom bodykit

Nature has an uncanny way of surprising us, and one of its most delightful and captivating wonders is the existence of giant fruits. These colossal fruits not only astound with their size but also leave us in awe of the diversity and ingenuity of the natural world. Let’s embark on a journey to discover some

In the realm of architecture, creativity knows no bounds. As proof of this, a unique trend has emerged, showcasing homes shaped like various fruits. These whimsical dwellings are not only functional places to live but also serve as artistic expressions that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings. Imagine strolling through a neighborhood where houses resemble

The theme of Mike’s Maze this year is “See Αmerica,” which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the National Park Courtesy of Warner Farm In the small town of Sunderland, Mass., is a 300-year-old, family-run plot of land that fuses fine art and farming. Mike Wissemann’s 8-acre cornfield maze is a feat of ingenuity, with carefully

A few things stood out during our recent travels, such as a beautiful sunset at our favorite pet-friendly beach and Rebecca Jones and her family in Nebraska, who graciously hosted us. It was an exceptional experience for all of us. The family’s cherished pet, Bella, disappeared without a trace and despite their exhaustive search, they

Shortcake the pit bull rescue is the sweetest and happiest pooch around. Having a bad day? Her smiley photos will lift your mood instantly! This adorable former stray hasn’t always had such a huge grin on her face. She was rescued in 2016, but had some serious health issues such as hernia and a bad

A kitten transformed from an orphaned newborn to a boisterous young cat with a family of his dreams. Roscoe the kitten A black and white kitten was found orphaned andaone at just a few days old. He was turned into a city shelter, awaiting rescue. Nikki Martinez, an animal rescuer and foster carer, stepped up

A kitten who walks with his back legs splayed out, is determined to be able to jump one day. Leo the kitten An orange tabby kitten was brought into an animal shelter in NC for a chance at a better life. While he was in foster care, they noticed that something was different about his

A cat came up to people for help after living outside for a long time, and was ready for change. Sweetie the cat Meagan of Puppy Kitty NYCity, an animal rescue based in NYC, was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project in a neighborhood when she came across a very friendly cat. The tabby was

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