“Out of this World: Anne Hathaway Shines in Sleek LBD on Jimmy Kimmel”

Christmas may be a time when indulgence is the norm, but Anne Hathaway showed no signs of holiday weight gain as she made her way onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The actress looked fabulous in a chic black dress with unique zipper details on each arm, paired with matching Christian Louboutin heels. Her trendy auburn hair was elegantly styled to one side, showcasing her flawless makeup featuring bold red lipstick.

Stepping onto the stage from the left, Anne Hathaway was dressed in a chic little black dress for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night. The Academy Award winner chatted with Kimmel about celebrating Christmas with her husband Adam Shulman and the rest of their extended family in their new house.

Anne shared, “My husband and I decided to host my family at our new place, which was still in the process of moving in. It was a bit chaotic hosting while settling into our new home.” She humorously mentioned that they had four people staying with them, but ended up hosting a total of twelve, with some guests opting for hotels.

Talking about her parents’ visit during the holidays, Anne jokingly said, “It’s interesting when you’re hosting your own parents. It’s not exactly a power struggle, but more of a shared control of the situation.”

Let’s have a chat: Anne, an Oscar winner, sat down with Kimmel to discuss her festive Christmas vacation.

Unique Version:

The actress always made sure her auburn hair was styled with a side part, and her makeup was bold with a striking red lipstick and light foundation. She shared an amusing anecdote about how her family sees control like a ball that they pass to each other, saying, “Hey mom, it’s your turn to take control,” and then her mom replies, “Okay daughter, now it’s your turn.” Additionally, she mentioned that her family came up with a questionable new drink called ‘chardonogg’. Reflecting on a fun time with her loved ones, she mentioned, “We had an amazing time – cooking, drinking, and laughing together.”

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Anne Hathaway revealed an interesting concoction her family came up with called ‘Chardonogg,’ a blend of chardonnay and eggnog. They even jokingly brainstormed variations like Skinny Girl Chardonogg and chardo-soy-nogg. The actress was there to promote her upcoming drama Song One, set for release on January 23.

The Academy Award winner opted for an understated look, pairing a black outfit with bold red lipstick and red-soled Louboutin shoes.

During the holidays, the actress mentioned enjoying quality time with her parents. In her latest film role, she portrays a young archaeologist who comes back from a dig to find her brother in a coma. As she forms a connection with her brother’s favorite musician, the story unfolds. This film also served as her first venture into producing, alongside renowned director Jonathan Demme. When asked about her producer role, she humorously shared that she took care of the crew, ensuring they had a good time on Fridays without indulging too much in chardonnay.

Casual attire: Anne sported a pair of cozy blue jeans while exiting the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Checking out the star! Anne Hathaway showed off her toned figure in a stylish LBD with zipper accents on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She didn’t show any signs of being too Christmasy as she bid a friend farewell with a hug at the studio.

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