“Mama Cat and Her Kitten Share a Unique Bond, Sticking Together Through Thick and Thin”

From the start, this affectionate feline has never strayed from her kitten’s side. Their bond is a sight to behold, relying on each other in an extraordinary manner.

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Joyce, a stray cat who was pregnant, was taken to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) to start a new life. The kind staff members gave her the name Joyce and looked after her when she gave birth to a litter of kittens a few days later. One of her kittens was Erica, who was noticeably bigger and stronger than the others. The OFOSA cat foster coordinator, Christy, said that Erica was closely monitored and given extra care from day one. Erica looked just like her mother and the two were inseparable. Joyce was always there for Erica, responding to her every need and noise.

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Erica’s brothers and sisters were unfortunate to have been born with a number of health problems. Despite the rescue center’s valiant attempts to care for them around the clock and help them recover, their health continued to deteriorate, leaving Erica as the only one left alive from the litter.
Joyce devoted almost all of her time to Erica, making sure she was well-fed, kept clean, and showered with affection. She monitored her every move and was quick to respond whenever Erica made even the slightest noise.

tabby cat kitten bonded

Joyce was constantly keeping an eye on her beloved kitty, Erica. However, when Joyce had to visit the dentist for some urgent dental work, the veterinarians believed that she would need some time alone to recuperate. But, upon returning home, Joyce immediately searched for Erica. According to Christy, Joyce couldn’t bear to be separated from her furry friend.

cat mom kitten tabby, bonded pair cats

Joyce was quite unhappy when it was time for Erica’s spaying procedure. She searched high and low for her furry companion until Erica finally returned. After that, the two of them became inseparable and will always be by each other’s side.

tabby cat kitten pair

The pair of cats appears to be inseparable as they are often seen cuddling with each other. Angela, a foster volunteer, took care of the bonded duo when Erica was ill with a kitty cold. Throughout her treatment, Joyce remained by her side and showed affection towards her. Angela shared that the cats are frequently together and spend much of their time grooming and cuddling each other.

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Erica enjoys trailing after her mother and imitating her actions. Whenever Joyce, her feline parent, uses the scratching post, Erica follows suit. Likewise, when Joyce sits by the window to gaze outside, Erica keeps her company.

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Erica has picked up her mom’s habits and mirrors her actions. Although she’s grown from a kitten to a young cat, Joyce still attends to Erica’s every need. Whenever Erica meows for attention or comfort, Joyce is quick to respond, tending to her daughter’s needs with care and affection.

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Erica was frightened by the sound of a hair dryer and started to weep. Without any delay, Joyce rushed to her side to console her. Even when they are not in each other’s line of sight, they will look for each other until they are reunited.

cat kitten tabby cuddles

According to Angela, Joyce has a very affectionate and peaceful nature. She loves to curl up on her lap, place her paw on Angela’s arm and begin purring. On the other hand, Erica is quite talkative and energetic. Whenever she spots Angela, she dashes towards her, meowing for attention or a bite to eat.

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Following their challenging journey, the mother and daughter duo are now eager to seek out a loving and permanent residence. The ultimate goal is for them to be placed in a forever home where they can reside together for a lifetime.

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