“Hopping to Wheelies: A Rabbit’s Journey with a Specially Adapted Wheelchair”

A paralyzed rabbit named Bertha is now hopping happily with the help of a custom bunny wheelchair. Despite being told by vets to euthanize her when her hips collapsed in May, Bertha’s caring owner chose to create a specially designed wheelchair for her beloved pet, allowing her to move around her home once again. Watch the heartwarming video below to see Bertha in action.

Struggling: Bertha the bunny was left unable to move around her home after her hips collapsed in May

Bertha the bunny faced mobility challenges when her hips gave out in May, making it difficult for her to move freely in her living space.

Melanie James (pictured) was determined to give her pet a second chance:  'The vet and myself can't believe how well the wheelchair is actually working so we've got everything crossed that it will go to plan.'

Melanie James was committed to offering her pet another opportunity: “Both the vet and I are astonished by how effectively the wheelchair is actually helping, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.”

Melanie James, who lovingly adopted Bertha four years ago when she was just a baby, shared, “Even though the vet suggested putting her down, I knew she still had a lot of life in her. I saw dogs in wheelchairs and thought, ‘If it can work for them, why not for a rabbit?’ It took Bertha a couple of days to get used to the wheelchair, but it has really given her a new sense of independence.” Bertha, who has always been a feisty little rabbit, quickly adapted to her new wheels. She spends a few hours in the wheelchair, exploring her home at the Ani-Mel charity in Bank Mill, Cumbria, before taking a well-deserved rest. The specially-adapted wheelchair attaches to Bertha’s back end, allowing her to move around freely and enjoy her surroundings.

Defiant: Ignoring vets' advice to put her down, her devoted owner created a specially-designed wheelchair to give her a new lease of life

Refusing to follow the veterinarians’ recommendation to euthanize her, a dedicated pet owner decided to bring her a newfound sense of freedom by crafting a personalized wheelchair.

Melanie James, who adopted Bertha as a baby four years ago, said: 'When the vet said the nicest thing to do would be to put her down, she still had so much life'

Melanie James, who welcomed Bertha into her family as a baby four years ago, shared: ‘Even though the vet suggested the most compassionate option would be to euthanize her, Bertha still had a sparkle of life in her eyes.’

The specially-adapted wheelchair hooks on to Bertha's back end and means she can finally roam freely around her home at the Ani-Mel charity in Bank Mill, Cumbria

A customized wheelchair has been attached to Bertha’s back, allowing her to move freely around the Ani-Mel charity in Bank Mill, Cumbria. Melanie mentioned that it is actually a puppy wheelchair modified to suit Bertha, with hopes that she will regain mobility on her own in the future. Bertha’s injuries resulted from an unnoticed fracture in her back leg, which healed incorrectly, causing hip dysplasia and infections. The vet suggested euthanasia, but Melanie opted for daily care, baths, physiotherapy, and antibiotics to give Bertha a chance at recovery. Many people have praised Melanie for her efforts, with most supporting her decision to help Bertha adapt and recover. Despite some negative comments, Melanie believes that every living being deserves a chance at life and is amazed by Bertha’s resilience and muscle strength as she continues to improve in her wheelchair.

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