Hopping into the Spotlight: The Rise of Rabbit Dressage as the Next Big Thing

Buggin' out: Snoopy the show jumping rabbit can jump around 60cm high

Getting excited: Snoopy, the rabbit who loves to show off his jumping skills, can soar up to 60cm in the air.

On the hop: Snoopy is the star of the Jena Kaninhop club

Up and running: Snoopy shines as the main attraction at the Jena Kaninhop club.

Oops! Bunnies are scored by the number of jump they can successfully clear, and there is often a time element to competition

Whoopsie daisy! Bunnies in competitions earn points based on how many jumps they can gracefully clear, and there’s usually a race against the clock involved as well.

Mad as a March hare: James the rabbit jumps while he is held on a leash. Trainers say restraints are vital to prevent uncontrolled breeding

Crazy rabbit antics: James goes leaping with joy on his leash. Experts explain that keeping him restrained is important to avoid uncontrollable breeding.

Spring in his step: James easily clears another jump while training with his Jena- based Kaninhop club

James effortlessly conquers another obstacle as he trains with his Kaninhop club in Jena, showcasing a spring in his stride.

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