“Fluffy Love: Meet Alex the Great, the 28lb Therapy Bunny Turning Heads in Airport!”

We’ve all had our share of airport experiences, from bizarre items in luggage to pet owners traveling with their furry companions. But visitors at San José Mineta International Airport (SJC) got a surprise when they spotted a massive rabbit being pushed around in a stroller the other evening. Jemma Wilson posted a photo of the amusing scene on Twitter, exclaiming, ‘I’m at the airport and there’s a huge rabbit in a stroller, I repeat, a massive rabbit in a stroller.’ The tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 80,000 views. People couldn’t get enough of the sight of the rabbit cruising in style, complete with a visor and fans blowing cool air on its face. As the post gained popularity, it was revealed that this wasn’t just any rabbit – it was a local celebrity known as ‘Alex the Great’.

Travellers at San José Mineta International Airport, were shocked to see a giant rabbit being pushed around in a stroller yesterday evening

Passengers at San José Mineta International Airport were surprised to witness a large rabbit being wheeled around in a stroller yesterday afternoon.

As the tweet gained more traction, it came to light that this wasn't just any rabbit, the animal was actually local celebrity known as 'Alex the Great'

As the tweet gained popularity, it was revealed that the rabbit in question was no ordinary creature; it was the famous local celebrity known as ‘Alex the Great’. Users who were unfamiliar with the rabbit expressed disbelief, with comments like ‘This has to be a joke’ and ‘I need more details – like which airport, and where is he heading? Does he have his own seat on the plane, sit on his owner’s lap, or go under the seat?’ On the other hand, some immediately recognized Alex, describing him as ‘@AThegreat100, a well-known figure in the Bay area and the number one @SFGiants fan.’ Alex the Great, a 28-pound therapy rabbit at a California airport, has garnered fame as an internet sensation in San Francisco. This lovable bunny provides comfort to anxious passengers at the airport, belonging to the Flemish Giant breed – the largest domestic rabbit. Renowned for being gentle and tolerant, Alex can often be spotted around the airport, snuggled up on travelers’ laps. His owner, Kei Kato, shared with MailOnline that she and her fiancé Josh Row take pleasure in seeing Alex bring joy to people’s lives and brighten their day. Kei mentioned, “This is why we volunteer; it’s amazing to see how many individuals adore him. Some even become emotional and shed a tear because petting him provides solace during tough times.” Kei also emphasized the intelligence and charm of rabbits, highlighting the effort required to care for them properly but noting that with love and training, they can be incredible companions.

Alex the Great is a 28-pound therapy rabbit at the California airport, who is described as a 'legend' and 'celebrity' in the San Francisco area

Alex the Great, a therapy bunny weighing 28 pounds, has achieved legendary status and celebrity status in the San Francisco region as he spreads joy at the California airport.

The adorable bunny helps and comforts nervous flyers at the airport - he's part of the largest breed of domestic rabbit, known as Flemish Giant

The cute rabbit is an airport therapy animal that provides support and reassurance to anxious travelers. He belongs to the Flemish Giant breed, which is the largest domestic rabbit breed.

He's known for being 'docile' and 'patient' with travelers and is often seen throughout the airport

His reputation is that of being calm and understanding towards travelers, and he can frequently be spotted in various areas of the airport.

As well as San Jose airport, Alex the Great also makes appearances at San Francisco Airport (SFO) as part of the 'Wag Brigade'

Alex the Great can also be spotted at San Francisco Airport (SFO) along with the ‘Wag Brigade’ team, in addition to his appearances at San Jose airport.

People immediately recognized the local treasure, writing 'it's @AThegreat100 and he's v famous in the Bay area and as the #1 @SFGiants fan' and 'That is Alex the Great, a local celebrity!'

The community quickly identified the beloved local gem, describing him as ‘@AThegreat100, renowned in the Bay area and a die-hard @SFGiants supporter’ and ‘Behold Alex the Great, a well-known figure in our neighborhood!’

Alex the Great pictured with the other animals on the Wag Brigade program at San Francisco International Airport

Alex the Great, a well-known celebrity in San Francisco, is a frequent visitor to both San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and San Jose Airport as part of the popular ‘Wag Brigade’ program. Launched in 2013 by SFO, the Wag Brigade program introduces trained dogs to the terminals to help make passenger travel a more enjoyable experience. The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) provides certified dogs through their Animal Assisted Therapy Program to roam the terminals and assist nervous flyers. Among the furry members of the Wag Brigade team are Alex the Great and Lilou, a charming Juliana-breed pig. Sporting cute vests that read ‘Pet Me!’, these animals are easily identifiable as friendly companions for anyone in need of a cuddle or a friendly pat. Alex the Great isn’t just a hit at the airport – he’s also a familiar face at San Francisco Giants baseball games and Golden State Warriors basketball games. Accompanied by his doting owner, he steals the show in his very own team jersey, spreading joy to fans who can’t resist giving him some love. His adorable antics have even captured the hearts of internet users, with one memorable moment at a Giants game earning him cheers from the stands and requests to ‘show us the bunny!’. With his charming personality and lovable demeanor, Alex the Great has truly become a legend in the local area, spreading happiness wherever he goes.

Before taking on his airport duties, Alex the Great had already stolen hearts of many at San Francisco Giants baseball games and Golden State Warriors basketball games, making him a 'legend' in the local area

Prior to starting his work at the airport, Alex the Great had already won over the crowds at San Francisco Giants baseball games and Golden State Warriors basketball games, earning himself a reputation as a local legend.

The fluffy bunny has also appeared on the screen multiple times, stealing the show and bringing joy to people in the stadium who stop to give him a cuddle

The adorable bunny has made numerous appearances on the big screen, capturing everyone’s attention and spreading happiness throughout the stadium as fans pause to give it a hug.

The rabbit even has his own statue designed by a high schooler artist, which sits outside a local restaurant

The bunny even has its own sculpture created by a talented high school artist, proudly displayed outside a nearby eatery.

It's sign reads 'This rabbit was inspired by Alex the Great, a real live comfort rabbit who has become the unofficial mascot of the SF Giants'

The sign on the statue of a rabbit mentions its inspiration from Alex the Great, a beloved comfort rabbit and unofficial mascot of the SF Giants. This rabbit has gained fame on the internet with over 18,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares his adventures with the goal of spreading joy to everyone. Fans have spotted him at sports games and the airport, making him quite the celebrity. Additionally, a statue of the rabbit, created by a high school artist, can be seen outside a restaurant in Cupertino, California.

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