Encountering Giant Bunnies: Beyond the Bunny Hop and Online Fame, Exploring the Fascinating World of Oversized Rabbits

Just like how daffodils, lambs, and buds signify the arrival of spring, the Easter bunny is a highly anticipated symbol of the season. In folklore, the Easter bunny is described as being as tall as 6ft, much larger than your everyday pet rabbit. However, the Continental Giant rabbit breed, one of the oldest and largest breeds, takes the cake as these rabbits are about five times bigger than a typical bunny, weighing around 25lb and standing 3ft tall on average.

One remarkable example is Darius, owned by Annette Edwards in Worcestershire, who holds the record for being the largest rabbit ever documented at 4ft 4in in length and weighing three-and-a-half stone. But Darius is not alone in his impressive size. In this article, Sadie Nicholas introduces four women who are proud owners of huge bunnies, showcasing the diversity and impressiveness of these remarkable animals.

Rebecca Freeman-Harris, 36, owns a dog-walking business and lives in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, with her husband Richard, 41, and their children William and Eleanor. Their bumper bunny is Jenson

At 36, Rebecca Freeman-Harris runs a dog-walking service and resides in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, alongside her spouse Richard, 41, and their two kids, William and Eleanor. Their fluffy pet rabbit, Jenson, is the star of the household.
The sound of Jenson tapping on the door is a familiar signal for Rebecca. A massive Continental Giant rabbit, weighing 1st 5oz (6.5kg) and standing at 2ft 8in, Jenson loves snuggling on the sofa despite his slippery paws causing a ruckus on the wooden floors.
Jenson shares his spacious outdoor hutch with his smaller companion Florence, an English lop-spot cross, and the two get along famously since Jenson has been neutered. An expert at gathering crayons and pushing balls around the garden with his nose, Jenson’s ultimate treat is potato peelings leftover from Rebecca’s Sunday roasts.

Beki Sharman, 27, works in communications and lives in Yeovil, Somerset, with husband Carey, 36, and their daughter Emilia. They have an albino Continental Giant called Lola

Beki Sharman, 27, is a communications professional living in Yeovil, Somerset, with her husband Carey, 36, who works in retail, and their daughter Emilia. Their family also includes Lola, an albino Continental Giant rabbit who loves to play with the family dog.

Lola, who stands at an impressive 2ft 8in tall and weighs nearly 1st (6kg), has her own cozy oak house in the garden that Beki’s dad, a carpenter, made for her. During chilly winter nights, Lola stays warm with microwavable heat pads and blankets. Beki bought Lola as an Easter treat for herself in April 2012 for £75, expecting her to have a life span of five years. Surprisingly, Lola recently celebrated her seventh birthday, exceeding her expected lifespan.

Despite being only 16 weeks old and weighing 6.6lb (3kg) when Beki brought her home, Lola has doubled in weight thanks to hearty daily meals consisting of pellets, carrots, apples, greens, veggie peelings, hay, and grass. Standing on her hind legs, Lola is as tall as Emilia, their one-year-old daughter.

As a young rabbit, Lola would snuggle up to Beki on the sofa, sitting on her hip and resting her head on her shoulder. Lola is curious and loves to watch the world pass by from low window sills, even if it means sneaking a nibble on the curtains. She has also learned to navigate the home, jumping over stair gates to reach her food bin.

Although Lola enjoys playtime with Luna, their cockapoo, she’s cautious around Emilia, who can’t resist trying to tug on Lola’s long ears. Despite Lola’s mischievous antics, she brings joy and laughter to their family home.

Em Gallagher, 39, works for the mobile NHS blood and transplant team and lives in Newquay, Cornwall, with giant French lop Ted

Em Gallagher, a 39-year-old member of the mobile NHS blood and transplant team, resides in Newquay, Cornwall, with her furry companion, the giant French lop rabbit named Ted. Ted, standing at 3 feet 3 inches tall and weighing just over 1 stone (6.7kg), has become a bit of a local sensation.

Em describes Ted as a celebrity in the town. Whenever she takes him out for a stroll with his harness and lead, they are met with excited children wanting to pet him and adults eager to snap photos for social media. Ted’s popularity isn’t just limited to the streets – he even has his very own Instagram account, @mr.teddy.bun, boasting over 9,000 followers.

She acquired Ted in June 2018 when he was just nine weeks old, for a mere £40 from a breeder. However, his upkeep costs around £40 a week, including a diet of hay, blueberries, fresh herbs, and cavolo nero kale. Ted resides in their shared five-bedroom house, where he has taken a liking to sleeping under Em’s bed and waking her up at 6am for some morning cuddles and breakfast.

While Em is at work, Ted spends his time frolicking in the garden, as his appetite for plants and cables in the house is insatiable. On her days off, Em volunteers Ted as a therapy bunny at various centers, nurseries, and schools, where he brings joy to children with sensory issues or anxiety. Additionally, Em takes Ted on trips to the beach, a place he adores roaming around, especially when accompanying bereaved children.

Sian Nightingale, 33, works in the NHS, and lives near Nottingham with husband Craig, 33, and their daughter Sophia and Oswald, their Continental Giant rabbit

Sian Nightingale, a 33-year-old NHS worker, resides near Nottingham with her husband Craig, who works as a brewer, their daughter Sophia, and an unconventional member of their family, Oswald, the Continental Giant rabbit. At just eight months old, Oswald is already showing his knack for escaping, a trait he exhibited even as a young bunny.

Oswald, who stands at an impressive 2 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 1st 1lb, is set to outgrow their dog in no time. Despite his size, Oswald has quickly stolen Sophia’s heart, with the two of them enjoying cozy moments on the sofa after school.

Originally purchased for £75 from a breeder last August, Oswald proved to be a handful when he effortlessly hopped over their 4-foot garden fence within days. After a frantic search around the village, they found him just beyond the fence, prompting them to invest in a taller enclosure and a custom hutch for him to sleep in at night.

Full of personality, Oswald enjoys munching on grass in the garden, following Sian around the house for attention, and engaging in playful antics with their pet ducks. With his love for carrots and playful nature, Oswald has become an endearing part of their household, bringing joy and laughter to their lives.

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