“Darius vs. Jeff: The Battle of the Giant Bunnies”

The largest bunny in the world, Darius, is about to face some stiff competition for his heavyweight title from his own son. With Jeff already measuring 3ft 8in and still growing, it looks like there might be a new record holder in town soon.

New contender: Jeff the rabbit, pictured with his owner Annette Edwards, measures 3ft 8in long and is set to challenge for the title of the world's biggest bunny

A new furry competitor has hopped onto the scene – Jeff the rabbit, seen here posing proudly with his owner, Annette Edwards. This oversized bunny measures a whopping 3 feet and 8 inches in length and is gearing up to challenge for the title of the world’s largest rabbit. Annette, a 63-year-old from Bromsgrove, is excited for the day when Jeff surpasses his father in size. Keeping these giant bunnies well-fed doesn’t come cheap, as it costs her £5,000 a year to keep them satisfied. Together, they chomp through a staggering 2,000 carrots and 700 apples annually, in addition to devouring a hefty dog bowl of specialty rabbit food each day and a bale of hay every week. Despite their immense size, Annette describes Jeff and his father as the best of pals. These gentle giants may have big appetites, but they bring even bigger joy to their owner’s life.

Giant genes: Jeff, left, is pictured with his giant father Darius, who currently holds the record for being the world's largest rabbit

Big genes: In the photo, Jeff stands next to his enormous father Darius, who has the impressive title of being the biggest rabbit in the world.

Ava Johnson, seven, struggles to pick up Jeff as he is almost as large as her

Ava Johnson, seven, with Jeff

Rabbit enthusiast Ava Johnson, aged seven, finds it challenging to lift up the massive Jeff since he’s almost as big as her. According to Ava, Jeff and his father are both very relaxed and calm creatures, with Jeff taking after his dad in that aspect. Most rabbits love attention and get along well with kids, and these two are no different. They even get along with other animals, as Jeff’s best buddy is Ava’s boxer dog named Kay. Continental Giants, like Darius and Jeff, are the largest rabbit breed, with adults growing to about 4 feet in size. Darius, who measures a whopping four feet and four inches, and Jeff come from a particularly large lineage. Jeff was born after Darius was introduced to Sally, another Continental Giant measuring 3 feet and 5 inches. The family of rabbits resides in Ava’s backyard, but they’re so large that each of them needs a dog crate typically used for a German shepherd. Ava mentioned that Darius was always big, but Jeff is already huge as a baby, leading her to anticipate that he’ll outgrow his father in size.

Competition: Darius the rabbit measures 4ft 4in long while 3ft 8in Jeff still has six months of growing to do

Contest: Darius the bunny clocks in at 4 feet 4 inches in length, while Jeff, who is 3 feet 8 inches tall, still has six more months of growing ahead of him.

Ava Johnson, seven, with Jeff

Ava Johnson, seven, with Jeff

Continental Giants are known as the largest breed of rabbits, often growing up to 4 feet in size. The owner hopes to have his rabbit certified as the world’s largest by Guinness one day. Despite their size, these rabbits are surprisingly low-maintenance and independent. They enjoy roaming in the garden during the day and sleeping in their comfortable crates at night. They are well-behaved and could even make good house pets. However, during the summer months, they require regular brushing as they shed their fur. With their enormous size, these rabbits have quite an appetite, but munching on hay all day long is actually beneficial for their dental and digestive health.

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