“Daring Fashionista Katy Perry Stuns in Playful Outfit While Unveiling Her Fabulous New Ink!”

Playsuits have become a trendy fashion choice lately, so it was no surprise when Katy Perry decided to put her own spin on them. The pop star is known for wearing these revealing suits on stage, but she took it up a notch by styling them for a shopping outing. During her recent appearance, the 24-year-old rocked a form-fitting acid print denim playsuit with a partially unzipped top, showcasing her curves effortlessly.

Playful: Katy Perry wears a revealing playsuit to shop at Kid Robot in New York's Soho after having an early dinner at La Esquina

In a fun and playful fashion, Katy Perry donned a daring playsuit while browsing the shelves at Kid Robot in Soho, New York, following a casual dinner at La Esquina. She effortlessly toned down the boldness of her attire by pairing it with stylish studded gladaor sandals, a spacious leather handbag, and a vibrant collection of neon studded bracelets adorning her wrist.

Katy Perry en pleine séance shopping à New York, le 27 juillet 2009.

However, even though Katy was dressed to impress, she was having a chill night out in New York City. She grabbed an early bite to eat at La Esquina before browsing through Kid Robot in the trendy neighborhood of Soho.


Retail excursion: Katy paired her casual playsuit with gladaor sandals and a spacious leather tote bag.

Katy Perry


Taking inspiration from Munch Bunch, Katy recently shared a photo on her Twitter page unveiling a fresh strawberry tattoo on her foot. She had paid a visit to a tattoo studio earlier, and upon leaving, her ankle was covered with a bandage. This morning, she excitedly posted a picture of her new ink – a happy strawberry – asking her fans to help choose a name for her “new little friend.”

She previously posted: “Considering getting my next tattoo tonight! I’m thinking about getting a fun, cartoon-style strawberry to commemorate the awesome last 15 months…”Additionally, she playfully shared a fake tattoo on her chest that said “Josh Grobin,” which was likely a humorous misspelling of the singer’s name, Josh Groban.

Katy Perry

The artist depicted in this image at the tattoo shop where she got her tattoo done.

Katy Perry

The celebrity took to her Twitter account to seek suggestions from her fans on what she should name her latest tattoo.

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