“Christine Quinn: Twinning with a Stunning Black and Gold Lamborghini”

Christine Quinn caused quite a stir in Los Angeles one Friday afternoon as she made her way to a gas station in her eye-catching yellow Lamborghini.

The star of Selling Sunset went all out in a stunning black and yellow outfit that perfectly complemented her high-end vehicle, making quite the impression.

Christine donned a trendy ensemble that showed off her toned midsection. She matched a crop top with a pair of lace-up pants that hugged her curves tightly. The mesh fabric of the pants left little to the imagination as they revealed her beautiful thighs.

She had meticulously straightened her long, blonde tresses with a slight bump under the ends, and parted it down the center.

Christine donned a stylish pair of sunglasses that had a dark shade, and surprisingly, she didn’t put on her usual makeup.

Later in the day, Christine decided to switch up her style. She replaced her previous black-and-yellow purse with a more stylish all-black designer tote and traded in her old black and yellow heeled boots for a pair of edgier black boots with neon green stripes.

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