Chic and Unique Hip Tattoos for Women

Are you looking for the most feminine and emotional design for your next tattoo and can’t make a final choice? What do you think, could a hip tattoo be your next amazing piece of body art? Well, of course. If you are a big body art enthusiast, then you can’t avoid the hip tattoos that emphasise the beauty of the most desirable part of the female body.

Tattooing this part of the body is very popular, especially among young women. They like to combine their acquired luxury with different clothes and impress everyone with it. In addition, these tattoo designs increase women’s self-confidence and make them feel more desirable and attractive.

Hip tattoos, it is true, have no equal in terms of their luxury and charm, but, like any other tattoo, they are quite painful. You might think that getting a tattoo on this part of the body is relatively less painful because the skin is not very thin. However, the hip bone is one of the most sensitive parts of the bone system. Therefore, tattooing in this area is quite difficult in terms of coping with pain.

However, it should be noted that this does not at all prevent tattoo-loving women from covering this part of their body with various designs. Moreover, among hip tattoo designs, there are quite a lot of large area designs, which are naturally more painful. Women prefer to face the pain, because what they will have as a result is really worthy of admiration and high evaluation.

Dragon Tattoo on Hip

Dragon tattoo is a design often chosen by women. It emphasises the femininity of the wearer of the tattoo, and at the same time hints at her inner strength. This tattoo is quite a bold design. It suits those women who are not afraid to show the bold sides of their character.

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