Bun-nified Miracle: Pet Bunny with Crucifix-shaped Mark Sparks Comparisons to a Divine Revelation

Fluff suddenly developed the furry feature and has since been branded the 'Baby Jesus'

Fluff, a large brown pet rabbit, had a surprising development when a giant cross mysteriously appeared on her forehead just before Christmas. Her owner, Kate Hazel, was alerted to the unusual feature by her daughter, Rosa. Amused by the sudden appearance of the cross, Kate and Rosa jokingly started calling Fluff the ‘Baby Jesus’ as she seemed to have grown the cross right in the middle of her forehead. Some even compared the cross to St Piran’s Cross, leading to playful speculation about Fluff being a reincarnation of St Piran, the baby Jesus, or perhaps both. The unexpected development added a festive and lighthearted touch to Fluff’s story as she became the center of attention in Penzance, Cornwall.

Kate Hazel with her rabbit Fluff, who grew a pronounced cross on her forehead at Christmas

Kate Hazel and her bunny Fluff, who developed a noticeable cross-shaped mark on her forehead during the holiday season.

Fluff's bemused owner Ms Hazel, of Penzance, was alerted to the cross by her daughter Rosa

Fluff’s owner, Ms Hazel from Penzance, was surprised when her daughter Rosa pointed out the cross-shaped marking on their pet rabbit’s forehead. Although not religious herself, Ms Hazel found the coincidence amusing, referring to Fluff as just a “Cornish rabbit with a cross in the middle of her forehead.” Ms Hazel expressed her hope that Fluff would keep the cross until Easter, jokingly suggesting that having a “hot cross bunny” in the garden would be delightful. Uncertain whether the marking would stay permanently, she pondered over whether it was new fur growing in or simply a quirky pattern on Fluff’s fur. Speculating about Fluff’s unpredictable nature, Ms Hazel humorously imagined the rabbit growing a crop circle on her bottom the following week. The whimsical nature of Fluff’s appearance brought some light-hearted amusement to their household.

Ms Hazel said Fluff is 'just a Cornish rabbit with a cross in the middle of her forehead'

According to Ms. Hazel, Fluff is essentially a rabbit from Cornwall with a unique cross marking on her forehead.

Ms Hazel, who is not religious, said she is now hoping that Fluff will keep her cross until Easter

Ms Hazel said someone saw the mark and said it looks like St Piran's Cross (right) in Cornwall

Ms. Hazel mentioned that a person noticed the symbol and pointed out its resemblance to St Piran’s Cross, which is located in Cornwall.

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