Anne Hathaway clarifies the inspiration behind her age-gap rom-com The Essence of Us: ‘British charm wasn’t our main focus’

Anne Hathaway is facing rumors that the pop star character in her new romantic comedy “The Ida of You” was inspired by Harry Styles. In the movie, Anne’s character Solène falls in love with boyband member Hayes Campbell, portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine. Fans have been speculating that Hayes is based on the famous singer from One Direction. Anne revealed to Stellar magazine that the author of the original novel, Robinne Lee, has made it clear that there is no connection to Styles. “You keep mentioning it. The author keeps insisting it’s not true!” the 41-year-old actress said.

Anne Hathaway has been addressing rumors that the character inspired by Harry Styles in her new romantic comedy The Idea of You was actually based on the singer. Hathaway’s character, Solène, embarks on a love story with boyband member Hayes Campbell, portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine.

“As a producer on the film, I can confirm that we considered a diverse range of actors during the audition process,” Hathaway explained. “We were not specifically looking for a British actor, but rather for the essence of Hayes Campbell. Nicholas embodied that essence, so Hayes ended up being British in the film.”

Hathaway has made it clear that the film is not based on her personal experiences, specifically refuting speculation that it is inspired by her past relationship with Olivia Wilde.

Some fans believe that Hayes is actually inspired by the famous One Direction member, Styles.

Anne revealed that Robinne Lee, the author of the novel that inspired the film, has repeatedly denied any resemblance between the character and Harry Styles. Despite this, rumors continue to circulate.
In a statement to E! News during the SXSW premiere, Anne urged everyone to relax and not jump to conclusions. She emphasized that the author has clearly stated that there is no connection to Styles.
The movie, based on Lee’s 2017 book, follows the story of Solène, a 40-year-old single mother who attends Coachella with her daughter at her ex-husband’s suggestion. There, she finds herself falling for Hayes Campbell, a 24-year-old lead singer in a popular boy band.
Harry Styles, who is now 30, recently started a relationship with his co-star and director Olivia Wilde while working on the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” in 2022. This isn’t the first time Styles has faced scrutiny for dating older women, as he previously dated TV personality Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she was 31.

Co-star Nicholas Galitzine shared that they have actively chosen to distance themselves from the rumors surrounding their movie. He explained, “It’s funny how it’s become such a big deal on its own.” Galitzine expressed admiration for Hayes, the character he plays, emphasizing his uniqueness. He mentioned drawing inspiration from various sources like BTS for choreography, noting the abundance of references available.

In a separate interview with Extra, Hathaway reiterated that there is no truth to the rumors. She emphasized that the film focuses on the journey of recovering from heartbreak, adding, “In this relationship, she initially thinks it will just be a fun time.”

“We’ve made a conscious effort to move away from that, and I truly believe Hayes is a fantastic character in his own right,” stated the British actor.

Anne Hathaway affirmed that Harry Styles has inspired the romantic comedy film The Idaof You: ‘We weren’t looking for someone who is British.’

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